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Best Water Exercises: 6 Ways to Burn Calories in the Pool.

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Get that body ready for the summer and have fun in the making with the best water exercises!

Working out at the pool can be fun and liberating, plus it burns tons of calories without all the sweating. It is the perfect workout plan to get you ready for summer while staying warm and nice in the pool. These best water exercises will help you drop the weight, tone up, and all without effort.

Water helps you lift more weight easily and it offers resistance for you to work out. What’s more, it is gentle on the joints and it allows for a totally different range of movements. If you are planning on losing weight and having fun, then these best water exercises will do the trick!

Here are the best water exercises to keep in mind:

1. Double Leg Lift

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Turn your back to the border of the pool. Using your arms to keep you floating, put your legs together and straighten them out. Now take them up and down, working your abs gently but steady. Depending on your fitness level, you will be able to do more or less repetitions.

To make it a bit harder, take your legs to one side, then to the other and hold.

This core workout is one of the best water exercises!

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2. Bicep Curl

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Weights feel lighter in the water and this will help you lift without joint pain. Use water-specific weights. Set legs shoulder-width apart and your arms fully stretched downwards. Now bend your arms up full range and then down again. Repeat as many times as you can, keeping a balanced number on both arms.

best water exercises

3. Cross Knees to Elbows

Picture by: https://www.skimble.com/exercises/900-cross-knees-to-elbows-how-to-do-exercise

This exercise is fantastic, both on land and in water. Get into the pool and stand tall. Now touch your elbow with the opposite knee, by raising your leg. Repeat on the opposite side. By using the water resistance, you will increase the effectiveness of this core exercise. This is one of the best water exercises out there.

best water exercises

4. Lateral Raises

Picture by: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-should-i-expect-from-aerobics-classes.htm

Lateral raises are one of the hardest on the ground, but are easy and effective in water. Take your water weights and start with the arms down on your sides. Now raise them up laterally until your body forms a cross. If you want to add difficulty to it, raise one leg at a time, working on the balance. It made it to the top 5 best water exercises for a reason. This will work your shoulders, arms, core, and even legs!

best water exercises

5. Ladder Pull-Up

Picture by: http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/burn-calories-pool-no-laps-required

Pull ups are one of the hardest exercises out there. Mostly because upper body exercises do not come easily to the general public. This is because our arms are usually not as trained as our legs. This made it to the top 5 best water exercises because it will help you get stronger. Just grab the ladder and pull yourself up and down. Use the water to help you raise your body. Change the grip on the ladder to train different sets of muscles.

If you are training in the sea instead of the pool you may not have access to a ladder. In that case, swim against the current to strengthen your upper body and coordination.

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