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Innovations to fight obesity and urban lifestyle

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  Before suggesting these products to you, our company would like to introduce key facts about obesity, urban lifestyle and the risk of diseases that increase disability and death. Our mission is to help people understand the importance of key influential components that prevent obesity and introduce effective solutions to solve issues associated with the urban lifestyle. Obesity in the United States is a major health issue, resulting in numerous diseases, specifically increased risk of certain types of cancer, coronary … Read More

Be ready for the Summer with the Rihanna workout and diet!

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If you want to look like her you gotta work, work, work, work, work! But worry not, we’ve got all planned out for you with the Rihanna workout and diet! This gorgeous queen of Barbados has one of the best bodies in the entertainment industries. And that is all thanks to her hard work and dedication. She works out 3-5 times a week and has 2 personal trainers. But you can reproduce Rihanna workout and diet at home with the … Read More

Shake it off with the Taylor Swift workout and diet!

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If you want to look as gorgeous and fit as her, get your leggings ready and follow the Taylor Swift workout and diet plan! The beautifully lean blonde is definitely an example to follow when you want to get in shape. Even though her body structure is lean by nature, she does take good care of herself. If you plan on getting ready for summer, then you should definitely look at the Taylor Swift workout and diet. Taylor follows very … Read More

Be a Bombshell with the Jennifer Lopez Workout and Diet!

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It’s been almost 20 years since J.Lo landed into our lives, and yet she is still rocking it like the first day! This is the reason why we should all be looking up to her! About to hit her 50s, Jennifer Lopez looks better than ever. This is all thanks to Jennifer Lopez workout and diet which keep her young, beautiful, and healthy. So if you wish to look like her and have an incredible bombshell body, join this journey! … Read More

Million Reasons to Follow the Lady Gaga Workout and Diet Plan!

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Lady Gaga has conquered our hearts with her music, lyrics, and performances. But above all, she’s an inspiration of health! This is the reason why the Lady Gaga workout and diet routine is one of the best out there! If you want to show off that body this summer and be always smiling, this is the plan for you! We all know Lady Gaga to be an inspiring artist who cares for her fans. She is capable of bringing that … Read More

Keep your Body Healthy with the Joe Montana Workout!

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Age catches us all, but we can still be healthy by doing good exercises for our bodies. Joe Montana, also known as “Joe Cool” or “The Comeback Kid” is now a retired NFL former quarterback. And even though he is not active football-wise, he still takes very good care of himself. As reported by Joe Montana, after retiring he let himself go, only to discover this had affected his heart. On an impressive turn of events, he invented the Joe … Read More

Speed up your Routine with the Barry Sanders Workout!

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If you know someone that excels at something, then you have someone to look up to! Barry Sanders will always be remembered for his incredible running speed. He wasn’t the biggest player, but he was certainly the faster. And before retiring from the NFL he became one of the greatest running backs. If you want to be as fast as Barry Sanders workout like he did! Speed is built on agility and strength, which are two opposites in terms of … Read More

Work your body like a quarterback!

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Have you ever wanted to get that professional NFL look? Well, now you can with the Peyton Manning workout! When thinking of good quarterbacks, the name Peyton Manning comes up in every conversation. This is because the four-time MVP Denver Broncos quarterback is one of a kind. His agility, speed, and strength all come from his commitment to its passion. If you’re planning on playing like a professional, or even just getting your body to a leaner self, then the … Read More

Set Your Body To Its Best Shape and Break Some Records!

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The Jerry Rice workout will help you get to your best shape ever, and who knows, even break some records like he did! If you are a football fan, then you definitely know who Jerry Rice is. With an incredible amount of unbroken records on his back, Jerry Rice is a legend in football. If you plan on getting ripped this spring you should definitely consider the Jerry Rice workout. The Jerry Rice workout consists of 6 days a week … Read More

Look Fantastic Using Tom Brady Workout!

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Summer is around the corner, and if you want to look at your best no matter your age, follow Tom Brady workout below! Being a quarterback is hard, but being a professional NFL quarterback is ever harder. A lot of responsibility comes with this position. Tom Brady is 39, soon to turn 40, and he is at the highest point of his career. Many envy his performance and body, but if he can do it, anybody can! If you wish … Read More

Get the Body of an NBA Star with the Russell Westbrook workout!

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If you want to get your body into shape for summer, then the Russell Westbrook workout is what you are looking for. Basketball is one of the greatest sports in the country. It reunites every winning aspect of a sport: entertainment, team work, and speed. Including sport routines such as the Russell Westbrook workout in your daily fitness schedule will provide you with intense results. Every NBA player needs to stay fit and workout daily to maintain their performance. And … Read More

Get in Shape like Stephen Curry, workout like an All-Star!

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If you want to be ready for summer, follow the Stephen Curry workout to the letter. We all known that Stephen Curry is one of the best players at the moment. However, not many people know the amount of effort that goes into preparing himself. Stephen Curry workout aims to help him stay injure-free (after several ankle injuries in the past) and strengthen his core. After all, Stephen Curry workout is one to cover the body as a whole. To … Read More

Be Like a Pro: Lebron James Workout Plan!

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You don’t need to be tall to get benefits from Lebron James Workout. Lebron James is one of the best basketball players out there. During his time at the Cleveland Cavaliers he has shown not only team spirit but also passion for what he does. And passion has a lot to do with Lebron James workout. Rain or shine, there is no excuse to skip this beastly series of exercises! If you follow Lebron James workout to the detail, you … Read More

The One and Only Lionel Messi Workout to Boost Your Gains!

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If Lionel Messi Workout has taught us anything, it is that it will turn you into a fitness beast! We all know that Lionel Messi is one of the best football players in the world. And that doesn’t come easy! Lionel Messi workout is one beast of a workout! He trains 5 days a week and mixes both stamina, strength, and speed workouts. If you want to be like Lionel Messi, workout the same way he does.  source Start by … Read More

3 Workouts to Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo

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If you want to look like Cristiano Ronaldo, workout like he does. We give you all the details! Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the masculine fitness models of the last years. With his intense training, he has achieved an impressive chiseled body. But it was not always like this. Once, Cristiano Ronaldo was just a thin and unfit young man, just like any of us. The man we know today is the result of a specific set of training and … Read More

Get Your Sexy Up Like Khloe Kardashian!

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Hit the dance floor with your best self by following these Khloe Kardashian diet and exercise tips. I bet you were as amazed as I was when Khloe Kardashian revealed her fantastic weight loss back in Spring. She looked as perfect as ever, and even happier! She shared her secrets with several magazines and we are here to gather them all together for your benefit. Additionally, Khloe Kardashian diet and exercises are easy to follow and you could achieve the … Read More

Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise: Get the Best 6 Pack With These Tricks

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Follow a celebrity plan to show off your 6 pack! Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise allowed him to build his body from slim to muscular in a short time. He was just a kid a few years back but he has shifted into a full grown man. This also means an increase in muscles. However, only being a man doesn’t mean you will have a 6 pack. It is with hard work and the right diet that you can get … Read More

Best Water Exercises: 6 Ways to Burn Calories in the Pool.

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Get that body ready for the summer and have fun in the making with the best water exercises! Working out at the pool can be fun and liberating, plus it burns tons of calories without all the sweating. It is the perfect workout plan to get you ready for summer while staying warm and nice in the pool. These best water exercises will help you drop the weight, tone up, and all without effort. Water helps you lift more weight … Read More

6 Tips that Will Help You Stay Fit Over Christmas :)

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No holiday will stay in the way of your health with these tips to stay fit over Christmas! Holidays are upon us, and with them comes a ton of binge eating… literally! Traditions, enterprise dinners, and family reunions make of this season a deadly one for one’s health. This is the reason why most gyms and sport clubs are packed in January! But if you don’t want to be a post- holiday gym goer then you are reading the right … Read More

Celebrity Fitness Trainers

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Celebs are the center of most of our social interactions. They come up in our Facebook feed, their pictures are in all the magazines… we want to look like them! But celebrities have something most of us don’t: celebrity fitness trainers! Let’s check out together who is training the top 10 celebrities of 2016! Kim Kardashian Credit: Kim has always been up and down with her weight. And having two kids in the last year is of course one … Read More

How to sleep better and faster.

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Better Sleep Tips. It might surprise you to know that one of the biggest problems in the first world is actually falling asleep. The hectic life we all bear affects our sleep cycles. So it is only natural for all of us to look for better sleep tips everywhere we can. It is important to state that there is no magic one-works-for-all quick fix. And that medicating to sleep in not a long-term solution. This said, we have collected the … Read More

This thigh gap workout plan is a perfect choice!

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One of the biggest trends of 2015 and 2016 has been the search for the perfect thigh gap workout plan. For those that have lived in a bubble, worry not, we’re here to explain what this is all about! The thigh gap is space between the inner thighs when women are standing upright. It is a beautiful shape of the female body than can be enhanced with just a few simple exercises. But unfortunately not all workout plans are the … Read More

Evolution of body weight scales; from simple to smart scales.

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So, body weight scales have been around for several years. These scales are used for the measurement of body mass. In the past, there were only a limited number of scales (initially only one) that were used to measure human body weight and mass. However, with the passage of time, many scales have been introduced for the convenience of people. In this article, we take you on a quick journey of the evolution of simple weight scales into  smart scales. … Read More

Want a great butt workout plan? Here you go!

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Do you want to be the center of attention? Do you want to impress that guy you like so much? Then stay put and check out this perfect butt workout plan! In the past years the trend was to move away from curves, but this has totally changed now! Women are embracing their curves more than ever. And this butt workout plan will help you get the most out of your behind! It has been shown that even women that … Read More

Belly Fat Exercise Collection

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You might feel like you’re the only one in the world, but worry not, we are a bunch! It is very easy to accumulate fat around the belly area, but not so easy to remove it… or is it? For many years, belly fat has been associated with increase diabetes risk. So of course, we all want to get rid of it. Many personal trainers and fitness experts have dedicated years of their lives trying to find the best belly … Read More

Belly Fat Diet Plan – Effective & Easy!

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Experts say that abs are made in the kitchen, and oh boy, they are right!  Even though you obviously need to work out those abs, you need a clear and strict belly fat diet plan. After months of research, trial and error, we have put together the best belly fat diet plan out there! You will need just as little as 15 minutes exercise every day, motivation, and our easy plan will make wonders! This belly fat diet plan is … Read More

Happy Winners!

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Happy Winners! Blueweigh is sooo… happy to have winners of its giveaways. Our first winner is Amy Earp/Mays, from Columbia, MD. We will share her photos and comments soon. You are welcome to bookmark this page for future giveaways 🙂 Update at 11/22/2016 We are sharing the image that we got from our winner Amy. We are soooo happy for her.  

Weight-loss recipes that work.

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Have you been trying to lose weight but to no avail? Feeling a bit under the weather lately? Seasonal changes can affect your eating patterns and your mood. This can lead to an unexpected increase in your weight, and consequently, a lethargic feeling. If this is you, then you don’t have to worry, you are not the only one. But most importantly, there is a solution! We have succeeded in finding the best weight loss recipes for you. But don’t take it from … Read More

Smart Scales

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Smart Scales by BlueWeigh Most human beings struggle with weight. No matter if gaining or losing. It is a difficult fight. The big majority of those undergoing a diet or fitness program will then recover the lost weight once finished. This is because during the process they have forgotten to learn the essential thing: the reason behind their weight problem. The reason that leads them back to old habits, and thus, the weight will set back to where it was … Read More

Fitness Activity Tracker

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Gone are the days of guessing how many calories you burnt from that last run. Or having to worry about that sweet treat after the salad. Since the appearance of sports gadgets such as Fitness Activity Trackers, a healthier life is possible! Most fitness beginners still struggle to find ways to track their progress. Some stick to some generic food portion control Apps but lack the sports motivation needed to succeed. While buying a Fitness Activity Tracker was for most an … Read More