Advanced BMI Scale by BlueWeigh.

What do you need to know as a first time user of bmi scale?

When using a BMI scale for the first time, it will ask you to input the height and age. This is essential to calculate other characteristics that will affect the long-term results. With this information, whenever the device will be able to give info about:
– Body Water Content: The percentage of water that make up the total weight.
– Fat Content Of Body: The ratio of fat that constitutes the total weight.
– Body Muscle Weigh: The muscle mass compared to the fat.
– BMI (Body Mass Index): It is a ratio that correlates the height and weight, classifying the person into Underweight, Normal, or Overweight.

What sets apart Bluewigh technology?

BMI scale by BlueWeigh is an advanced device and it can also measure other metrics such as:
– Body Bone Mass: The fraction of bone that amount to the entire weight.
– Visceral Fat: The amount of fat surrounding and protecting the vital organs.
– BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): Amount of energy used while at rest in a normal environment.

What method does Blueweigh BMI scale apply to calculate body fat?

This smart analyzer monitors your whole body composition. It works based on the bioelectrical impendence analysis, BIA, which is a method of assessing body fat in relation to lean body mass. That is a new double electrode technology. BIA makes results of our scale much more accurate than other similar devices in a market.

What is the main value of BlueWeigh BMI Scale?

So, this very smart scale is useful for long term measurement of body components. It is a great tool for targeted weight control. People who are looking for efficient way between diet and exercise need BlueWeigh smart scale right away.