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This device is based on the BIA (Bio-electrical impedance Analysis technology. To measure body bio-electrical impedance. It makes the results much more accurate with new measuring technology. The reason is that human body fat can not be conductive, but muscle and water arc good conductors. The device measures human body bio-electrical impedance to calculate the composition of human body.


01. 81.5x68mm oval Back light LCD Display
02. Unit: kg/lb
03. 10 user groups
04. Results are displayed graphically
05. Three fitness levels: Ordinary, Amateur and Professional
06. Capacity: 180kg/400lb
07. Minimum, weight: 5kg/11 lb
08. Muscle Mass measurement graduation: 0.1kg
09. Weight measurement graduation: 0.1kg/0.2 lb
10. Body Fat measurement graduation: 0.1%
11. Body Water measurement graduation: 0.1%
12. Bone graduation: 0.1 kg
13. Age range: 10-100 years old
14. Height range: 100-255cm 3ft:3in-8ft:4in
15. Working temperature: 10-40 C
16. Working humidity: 20%-90%
17. Storage temperature: -10-50 C
18. Power: DC 6V (4 x AA Batteries)



– Not recommended for individuals with medical implants such as pacemakers.
– Not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Any measurement obtained using this device is for reference only and should not be considered as a medical opinion
Consult your primary care doctor or physician before making changes to your diet, exercise plans or physical or activities
DO NOT stand on the edge of the scale or jump on it
Always place scale on A hard, dry And flat surface before measurement
Make sure your feet are clean before stepping on the scale
Connect the batteries in accordance with the correct polarities indication
Remove batteries if device is not to be used for along time


Do not bend knees when measuring
Take measurements at the same or similar time of the day
Keep your bare feet on ITO film
Do not take measurements immediately following intense exercise
Mobile phone and microwave frequencies may affect Accuracy of results
The result is just a reference for children, aged people, pregnant women and professional athletes
Do not disassemble it by yourself
Do not wash the scale under the water
Do not wash it with hot water or volatile oil
Wiping the machine by wet cloth with detergent, and clean it with dry cloth
Do not overload: max weight (182.5kg/405.5lb)



1. Find the battery slot at the back of the scale
2. Set the batteries(4 x AA) in battery slot Plcasc changc battcrics wncn”Lao” is shown on thc scrcon


The scale will automatically power off:
– after 30 seconds of no operation
– if it is overloaded
– due to faulty operations

Switch unit

1. Two units: kg and lb for option.
2. The default unit on scale is decided by the UNIT Selection in APP, pls change default unit in APP for daily use.
3. Pressing “unit” on the back of the scale can only change the unit showing on LC cannot change unit in app.
4. When need to change unit between kg and lb, press Unit Switch button in top left comer to finish setting
5. When choose unit ST:LB on the APP, it’ll be shown LB on the scale.

bmi smart scale setting instructions


What devices are compatible?

iOS devices iPhone4s, iPad3, iPad Mini or higher
Android devices: Android 4.3 or higher with bluetooth 4.0 or higher version, memory capacity no less than 1GB.

How to install App at your device?

Download App”iWellness4.0″ from Google Play or “iWellness” in App Store

1. Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to internet.
2. Search and download “iWellness4.0” in Google Play, or “iWellness” in App Store.

BlueWeigh bmi smart scale instruction faqbmi smart scale instruction faq

3. The App icon will appear at the desktop of your phone or tablet after the installation is completed.
4. Tap “iWellness4.0” icon to launch the App.

How to use iWellness App

1. Check your device settings to make sure the Bluetooth function is ON.
2. Tap to open the App “iWellness” from your device.
3. When use the App for the first time you need setting as following steps.
a. Tap to select the type of “BODY FAT SCALE”

smart scale body composition analyzer troubleshooting b. The user information interface will appear, tap on the picture to change users Image
c. Enter user name, gender preferred weight: unit, birthday. height, level, check and confirm, then save settings.
d. Back to man page, and you can start testing now.

bmi smart scale settings smart scale settings blueweigh bmi scale settings


App will go directly into tho main page the next time it s used.

4. Check again to make sure the Blucetooth on your device is on. Step on the scale with bare foot, the scale will be activated automatically, so does the Bluetooth connection. Keep standing on the scale to wait for four numbers “8888” running through LCD completely.
5. Select “YES” to save data when message popped up. All eight measurements will be displayed on the main page.screenshot_20160930-203851 screenshot_20160929-213450

If stepping on the scale with socks, only weight will be measured and shown on the main page. To get complete data, please step on with bare feet.

6. For browsing history data, graphs and lists. Tap the arrows at the two sides of the weight circle on the main page to view history record, back and forth in full data pages.
Tap on any of the eight parameters at the main page (Weight, Body Water. Body Fat, Bone, BMI, Visceral Fat, BMR, Muscle Mass) to view the graph of the historical record and recent weight and BMI.

screenshot_20160930-203851 screenshot_20161003-102500 screenshot_20161003-103039 

7. For “Sharing” Function
Browsing in Graph or List page and tap the Sharing icon at the upper right corner, you can share selected data to platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Email SMS etc. 


8. To get “Body health reference Tables”
Please tap “Info” icon at the lower left corner of the main page, you can get the “Body health reference tables”.

9. For “Settings”
Please tap “settings” icon a the lower middle of the main page, you can reset the user information, choose scale type, save data in TXT. files and descriptions about the application

10. For “Delete”
Please tap the icon “Delete” of this user at the lower right corner of the main page to delete current data for this user.

11. Add and delete User Group

– Tap the user image icon at the upper left corner of the main page to enter “All the user Groups” page.
– Tap “+” to add new users, each user need to re-select scale type and input user information.
– Tap “Edit” enter user delete option.

Notes: For iOS8 or higher iPhones only

There is a health app called HealthKit which is compatiale to iWellness. It means that some data can be updated from iWellness to HealthKit like Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index, Height, Lean Body Mass and Weight. You can check historical data even if you uninstall iWellness accidentally.

How to use HealthKit?

1. Find “Health” app on your iPhone.
2. When you are using iWellness for the first time, you will be asked for permission to update data from iWellness to HealthKit you should verify that ‘iWellness” is listed in the Sources of Health App.

If you do not allow permission initially, you can change the settings by opening the health App and clicking “Sources’. Choose “iWellness”. Data will be transferred automatically from now on.

3. Please note that only when body fat is measured successfully in iWellness, can data be updated in Health. Otherwise, it will not be updated to Health.
4. After you finish a measurement, you can open Health, select “Body Measurements”, you will see the latest health data updated from lWellness.
5. You can choose “Show on Dashboard”, it will make data easy to check

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions:

1. How can I rccalibratc thc scalc after moving it?

– Simply step on the scale to let it power on. Let it automatically drop to 0.0kg/0.0lb thus the calibration will be done automatically
Note: The scale will be inaccurate if it is not re-calibrated,

2. Display indicates”Err” when weighing:

– Overload the maximum range (182.5kg/405.5lb).
Tip: When overloaded, do not stand on the scales for a long time. The service time ot the sensors will be shortened.

3. Display indicates”Err2″ when measuring body fat:
– Body parameter settings should be with:
Height 100cm-255cm, 3ft: 3in-8ft: 4in, Aged: 10-100 years old.
– Underweight less than 30kg/66lb.
– Feet or scale are too wet.

4. No body fat data measured when weighing.
– Body fat scale requires weighing with bare feet.
– Body data setting should be with: Height 100cm-255cm (3ft: 3in-8ft: 4in), Age 10-100 years old.
– Bluetooth function not open.
– Paired with other connected electronic scales.

5. Bluetooth is not connected.
– Application is required to be opened when weighing.
– Device’s Bluetooth function is not turned on, Please turn on the Bluetooth and restart iWellness.
– For Android devices you can go to System Settings -> Bluetooth -> Cancel the paired Bluetooth devices and reopen the application


1. The four feet of the scale are rubber components, don’t keep the scale loaded for a long time. This may damage the weight sensors and the scale will not be accurate.
2. Do not put anything on the scale it rot in use. This will consume the power and reduce the lifetime of batteries.
3. Keep the product clean and dry. Keep it away from water. Avoid slipping or damaging the inside electric circuits when weighing.
4. Do not drop the product. Avoid the risk of damaging the scale or breaking the glass. The scale is lower power when showing “Lo”. Please change batteries immediately. A permanent damage of the battery will be caused if the scale is kept in low power mode for a long time.
5. This product is a body analyzer scale, for body composition analyzing only: Please do NOT use it for commercial purposes.
6. When encounter system halting or Program crash, press Reset Button in top left corner to finish setting.

bim smart scale troubleshouting faq


50kg: +/-300g
100kg: +/-400g
150kg: +/-500g

110 lbs: +/- 0.66 lbs
220 lbs: +/- 0,88 lbs
330 lbs: +/- 1.1 lbs


Body Analyzer Error Indication: Err2
Low Power Indication: 4.2V +/- 0.2V display “Lo”
Overload Indication: Over the max weight 182.5kg/405.5lb, then display Err