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Celebrity Fitness Trainers

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Celebs are the center of most of our social interactions. They come up in our Facebook feed, their pictures are in all the magazines… we want to look like them! But celebrities have something most of us don’t: celebrity fitness trainers!

Let’s check out together who is training the top 10 celebrities of 2016!

Kim Kardashian

Credit: www.hollywoodtake.com

Kim has always been up and down with her weight. And having two kids in the last year is of course one of the reasons. She has been training with celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak.

Kim’s diet has been basically low-carb with many vegetables and good proteins. Fitness wise, she likes variety, to break the routine!

Celebrity Fitness trainer Harley Pasternak has also trained Jessica Simpson and Megan Fox after they gave birth.


celebrity fitness trainers
Kim Kardashian Personal Trainer – Harley Pasternak

Angelina Jolie

Photo: Angelina as Lara Croft

Angelina is one of the world’s beauties. To keep herself strong for her movies, she follows a portion controlled diet. Fitness wise, she likes to do circuit training combined with aerobic exercises. Her trainer is Gunnar Peterson.

Gunnar, as a celebrity fitness trainer, is used to work with stars to prepare for their movies and tours. He has also trained J-Lo and Sofia Vergara among others.

Angelina Jolie celebrity fitness trainers

celebrity fitness trainers
Angelina Jolie s fitness trainer – Gunnar Peterson

Kate Hudson

Credit: http://us.hellomagazine.com

Kate Hudson went through a hard time with her body weight after giving birth. She gained 70lbs and her metabolism slowed down. She found celebrity fitness trainer Nicole Stuart shortly after. Together they planned a balanced diet and started a fitness plan which consisted of skipping and short workouts (20 minutes each).

Nicole Stuart also trains Anna Faris and Julia Ormond.


celebrity fitness trainers
Nicole Stuart – Kate Hudson’s Personal Trainer


Credit: http://us.hellomagazine.com

Queen B certainly knows how to show off her beautiful curves but stay fit at the same time. With an unstoppable career like hers, it is hard to find time to train though. Her celebrity fitness trainer is Marco Borges, who created her interval training routine.

Together, they have launched a 22-day nutrition service based on Vegan recipes.


celebrity fitness trainers
Beyonce’s fitness trainer – Marco Borges

Gigi Hadid

Credit: http://www.mtv.co.uk

Gigi Hadid may look like an innocent angel… but she is tough and she has chosen the toughest trainer among the celebrity fitness trainers. Her personal trainer Rob Piela explains that her workouts consist mostly of boxing! Her secret is also avoiding sugar, and doing a lot of core and floor exercises.

Rob Piela has also trained Kendal Jenner and Cara Delevingne among others.


Rob Piela trains Gigi Hadid
Rob Piela trains Gigi Hadid

Heidi Klum

Credit: http://us.hellomagazine.com

Heidi might be over 40s but she looks not a year older than 25! Her secret is taking great care of her body, both nutritionally and physically. Andrea Orbeck is one of the best celebrity fitness trainers and she advises her to eat clean with less or no processed foods. Training consists of cardio burning and toning muscles.

Andrea Orbeck also trains Karolina Kurkova and Doutzen Kroes.

Heidi klum fitness trainer

celebrity fitness trainers
Andrea Orbeck trains Heidi Klum

Gisele Bündchen

Credit: http://us.hellomagazine.com

Another gorgeous Victoria’s Secret angel that is actually really tough! Her personal trainer, Jill Payne, likes to create bootcamp routines, and make thing different! They seem to keep it very entertaining and that is key to the success!

celebrity fitness trainers

celebrity fitnesss trainers
Jill Payne trains Gisele Bundchen

Miranda Kerr

Credit: Reebok

Miranda has always been the picture of fitness since her early supermodel days. She follows an alkaline-diet and practices yoga and pilates daily. She also cycles and runs. Her celebrity fitness trainer is former ballerina Mary Helen Bowers.

Mary Helen Bowers also trains Karen Elon and Isabeli Fontana.

celebrity fitness trainers

celebrity fitness trainers
Mary Helen Bowers trains Miranda Kerr

Margot Robbie

Credit: Pinterest

For her latest movie, Suicide Squat, Margot Robbie had to be in an even more perfect form than usual! Her trainer, Andie Hecker, explains that Margot went through a very unusual training. She mixed Ballet, low reps of heavy weights, jumping robe, and pilates.

Andie Hecker also trains Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman.

celebrity fitness trainers

celebrity fitness trainers
Andie Hecker trains Margot Robbie

Whom has chosen Adriana Lima among celebrity fitness trainers?

Credit: http://www.popsugar.com

Victoria’s Secret angels seem to all have one thing in common: they are not fragile! Adriana Lima’s celebrity fitness trainer Michael Olajide Jr. explains that her workouts are include jump robes, speed bags and boxing.

Michael Olajide Jr. also trains Constance Jablonski.

celebrity fitness trainers

celebrity fitness trianers
Michael Olajide Jr trains Adriana Lima

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