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6 Tips that Will Help You Stay Fit Over Christmas :)

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Christmas Diet Guide

No holiday will stay in the way of your health with these tips to stay fit over Christmas!

Holidays are upon us, and with them comes a ton of binge eating… literally! Traditions, enterprise dinners, and family reunions make of this season a deadly one for one’s health. This is the reason why most gyms and sport clubs are packed in January! But if you don’t want to be a post- holiday gym goer then you are reading the right post.

Food and exercise are the main things to keep in mind. There are simple steps to follow to stay fit over Christmas. No need to worry and no need to hold back, enjoy this holidays while staying healthy!

Want to stay fit over Christmas? then keep in mind and

1. Be active!

Many of us resign to the sofa during the holidays, but this is a mistake. Holidays shouldn’t be an excuse for being lazy. Make sure to keep your daily walks and activities to stay fit over Christmas. Go out, catch some air, walk around the neighborhood, and go grocery shopping. Every little will help burning those extra calories intake during the holiday season. Here is a great Cardio Workout Dance!


2. Don’t over drink

Alcoholic beverages and sodas have a very high caloric count due to their sugar content. If you want to stay fit over Christmas, make sure you stick to your normal drinking habits. If you are used to have a couple drinks over the weekend, do the same during the holidays. Don’t over do it. Don’t drink more than you can handle and just enjoy the holidays!


3. Eat before dinners

A good way of avoiding any binge eating is a very basic thing: not being hungry. Make sure to have your normal meals and don’t skip any of them. If you have a big dinner coming up, make sure to have some food before. This way you will already be half full and you won’t eat much. Many people think that by skipping meals, they will stay fit over Christmas. But the reality is very different, by skipping meals you are changing your metabolism and making yourself feel hungrier.

stay hydrated

4. Don’t skip the gym

Holidays doesn’t mean breaking up with the routine! If you are used to go to the gym after work or in the morning, continue doing so. Don’t change your routines, keep working that body out! Also, now that you have more time off, look for other activities. Try to go ice skating, or maybe skiing. Take your family or friends hiking or to a concert.


5. Select your treats

When eating your cheat meals, make sure to enjoy the holiday specials. That way you won’t feel pushed to over eat at family dinners because you had those treats during the normal week. Allow yourself a little happiness and festivity. But to stay fit over Christmas, make sure to not over do it!


6. Stay hydrated

When leaving the routine on the side, it is normal to forget the basics. Keep a bottle of water in the car or in your bag. Take it around with you even when on holidays. Set a reminder so you drink a bit every hour and stay hydrated. Staying fit over Christmas is not only about how much you eat or move. It is about keeping healthy, and drinking water is one of its main points.

Christmas food

Leftovers can be a bless or a nightmare. If used wisely and over a number of days, leftovers can save you time cooking and even money. But if used over a short period of time, you may regret it when the belly starts bulging! Make sure to moderate the intake of leftovers and share them with the family.

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