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Want a great butt workout plan? Here you go!

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Do you want to be the center of attention? Do you want to impress that guy you like so much? Then stay put and check out this perfect butt workout plan!

In the past years the trend was to move away from curves, but this has totally changed now! Women are embracing their curves more than ever. And this butt workout plan will help you get the most out of your behind! It has been shown that even women that have a tendency to stay skinny can create a voluptuous behind by doing a specific series of exercises.

So if you want to tone up, round up, and wear those leggings with pride… follow our lead!


butt workout plan


Get down to plank position, but this time with your arms straight and engaged. Lift one leg at a time, as high as possible. It will feel easy at first but you will start feeling the burn soon!

Pro tips for butt workout plan.

Pro Tip 1

You can change the leg movement to target different muscle groups. Instead of lifting the leg straight, change it into a donkey kick raise!

VIDEO: How to do a Plank Leg Lift

butt workout plan sumo squat
Credit: FitnessBlender

These type of squats are a killer for your legs! They are different from standard squats as they target the inner thigh and glutes areas even more. Turn your feet slightly to the outside, about 45º, spread your legs wider than your shoulder width.

Pro Tip 2

Add weight in form of kettle bell or barbell to feel an even more intense burn!

VIDEO: How to do Sumo Squats

CURTSY LUNGES – Credit: Woman v. Workout

Each time you do a curtsy lunge, you will feel your whole leg working hard. This special type of lunges are made to balance the intensity so both legs are working at the same time. It also helps you work on your general body balance and core.


Pro Tip 3

Once the curtsy lunges feel too easy, make sure to add weight to intensify them!

VIDEO: How to do Curtsy Lunges



This exercise was among the favorites of fitness experts back in the 80s. And they had a reason! This is one of the best exercises for a perfect butt workout plan, for two reasons. First reason is that they are easy to do, second reason is that they are super effective!

Pro Tip 4

Modify the exercise by adding more weight or by using a bench as back support!

VIDEO: How to do Glute Bridges

VIDEO: Modification to Glute Bridges

STANDING DONKEY KICK – Credit: LivestrongWoman



This exercise is one of the gems of the butt workout plan! Start in a squat position, then instead of standing up, kick your leg back. Then repeat with the other leg. You will feel the burn down your whole leg!


Pro Tip 5

Add a front kick in the mix and you will work your core as well!

VIDEO: How to do a Standing Donkey Kick


Crossover Booty Lifter
Crossover Booty Lifter – Credit: Perfect Booty



The cross-over is as its name indicates a mix of several exercises. You will start on all fours and kick your leg back. After, you will move your leg behind the other as if you were doing a curtsy lunge but on the floor. To then come back to a normal back kick. It can be quite confusing at first, but it gets better with time!


Pro Tip 6

Engage your core and squeeze your butt for better results!

VIDEO: How to do a Booty Cross-Over




Last but not least, one of our favourite exercises: the close squat! For this specific type of squat, you will keep your legs close together and bend down as a normal squat. This will burn your glutes and thighs. This may be the last of the butt workout plan but will help you sculpt those glutes!


Pro Tip 7

Squeeze your gluteus and try to stay low at all times.

VIDEO: How to do a Close Squat


Now go get your mat and let’s start together! We assure you that this butt workout plan will make all your friends jealous of your curves!

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