HR Fitness Tracker Tutorial

1. Download the app “VeryFit 2.0”

Before downloading the app for BlueWeigh Rainbow HR fitness tracker, please refer to the instructions specific to
your smartphone’s operating system.
Download the app directly from Android Play or Apple store.

veryfit 2.0 app on playstore

veryfit app on apple store

2. Check the battery status.

Charge your BLUEWEIGH Activity Tracker by using any USB source by connecting the enclosed charger to the pedometer. The pedometer will turn on automatically if not please press mode button multiple times.

3. Install the app “VeryFit 2.0”

• Go ahead and download the app Veryfit 2.0 from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)

4. Pair the BlueWeigh HR Fitness Tracker.

• Keep your BlueWeigh HR Fitness Tracker close to your Smartphone and make sure there is no other unpaired activity tracker within 25 feet.
• Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and open the app “VeryFit 2.0” on your smartphone. Your smartphone will automatically scan for and display all available Bluetooth devices.
fitness activity tracker BlueWeigh Fitness Activity Tracker, pedometer, wristband • Confirm your Choice and Wait till your Phone and Activity Tracker will sync together.

5. Start setting up your HR Fitness Tracker by entering your height, weight, Year of Birth, Steps and Sleep targets (default is 10000 steps/8 hrs.).

fitness wristbanfitness activity tracker, pedometerfitness tracker Fitness Activity Tracker FAQ Fitness Activity Tracker FAQ Fitness Activity Tracker FAQ   fitness tracker, pedometer fitness tracker, pedometer

• Go to the device option and turn on your Call Alert and set up the alert reminder (default is 8 sec)

• If you wish you can turn on your Sedentary Alert (it will remind you move if you’ll be inactive: default 30 min and start 8:00 am end 6:00 pm)

• Setup your daily Alarm

• At any time, you can use Camera option for touch free photos by pronating your wrist or pressing mode button on activity tracker

• Turn on your Anti-lost alert and your activity tracker will remind you that you are far from your Smartphone; it will prevent leaving your smartphone intendant.
• Turn on your Find Phone and it will help you find your Phone within Bluetooth range in case if you forgot where your phone is placed Setup is finished, so go ahead and enjoy your active life with BlueWeigh.

How to Use the BLUEWEIGH Smart HR Fitness Tracker.

By pressing mode button change following options: To enter Sleep function; press and hold the button until the device starts to vibrate. 

heart rate monitor fitness tracker

To activate Sport Mode

1. Press and hold the mode button. Under normal mode, long
press the key for 2 seconds to enter into the history of the
sport mode, (the latest sports data). To switch between
displays short-press the mode button.
2. To record NEW sport data double click the mode button (it will
erase the old sport data from the tracker but NOT from app)
3. To check the current sport activity press mode button and
switch between displays.
4. To get back to the normal mode long press the mode button
(sport record will be saved until you remove it manually as
described in step 2 above)

heart rate monitor activity tracker

Functions Record daily activities – Record data for a specific workout or daily activity (i.e. walk, hike, jog) or count your number of steps and calorie consumption.

Sleep recording – Record and analyze your sleep (hours with deep vs. light sleep).

Alerts – Get vibration alerts for incoming calls, when you are inactive, when Bluetooth is disconnected etc. Remote control – Device button could control remote photograph shooting.


• The pedometer does not appear in the device list on my smartphone Make sure:

– Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

– Your smarthone is running Android 4.4, iOS 7.1 or newer versions of the two.

– The distance between your smartphone and the pedometer is no more than 20in

– Your smartphone is not low in battery.

• I cannot pair the pedometer with my smartphone

– Try to turn Bluetooth off and back on.

• How can I reset the settings of the pedometer

– Make sure your smartphone is paired with the app . In the app, go to “User” // “System Setting” // “Restart Device” and press “Confirm Reboot”.

• How can I update the pedometer

– Make sure your smartphone is paired with the app.

– In the app, go to “Device” and select “Update”. It may take a few moments to update the device.






Battery capacity:

Data Sync:

Working Temperature:

Water resistance:


Nordic nRF51822

Kionix kx022-1020

21 g

Rechargeable Litthium battery


Bluetooth 4.0

-10°C to 45°C

Not designed for underwater use

Approx. 15 days

This BLUEWEIGH Smart Pedometer is using Bluetooth RF signal and the pedometer’s proprietary algorithm with a guaranteed accuracy of 92-95%.

BlueWeigh HR Fitness Tracker