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Set Your Body To Its Best Shape and Break Some Records!

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The Jerry Rice workout will help you get to your best shape ever, and who knows, even break some records like he did!

If you are a football fan, then you definitely know who Jerry Rice is. With an incredible amount of unbroken records on his back, Jerry Rice is a legend in football. If you plan on getting ripped this spring you should definitely consider the Jerry Rice workout.

The Jerry Rice workout consists of 6 days a week exercise routine. Make sure to adapt your schedule before jumping into this all-star workout. Jerry Rice workout is known for being arduous and many have been unable to finish it. However, if you don’t give up and keep on training, your will fall in love with the Jerry Rice workout.

Jerry Rice Workout


Phase 1: Prepare your body!

As mentioned above, many have failed to reproduce the Jerry Rice workout. And that was for a very simple reason: lack of preparation. Not only physical but mental. Start by working out 3 times a week, so your body gets into exercise mode. Once you are used to this, jump to 4 times a week and so on until you reach 6 times a week. Equally important, don’t strain your body since the beginning. Start by doing low-intensity cardio and weight training. Build your stamina little by little.


Phase 2: Get hardcore!

One of the main keys of the Jerry Rice workout is going hardcore on your training. No time for kidding around, concentrate and kick its ass! Wake up early in the morning and start the each day with long-distance and high-intensity cardio. Mix it up so your body doesn’t get used to it. Example: you could run up-hill on Mondays, try out skipping on Tuesday, sprinting on Wednesdays, and so on. Keep it interesting and entertaining.

Jerry Rice to Graham Bensinger: I hope you puke

Phase 3: Pumped!

Another key of the Jerry Rice workout is to divide and conquer. This means that you will do cardio in the morning, then go ahead with your daily work or studies… and then jump right back into workout mode in the afternoon! During the afternoon, the Jerry Rice workout turns into weight and resistance training. Make sure to train different body parts each day, to allow for your muscles to recover and grow. Go heavy or go home! The spirit of the Jerry Rice workout is to give your all, so get your weights on and push as hard as you can. As an example do upper body on Mondays, legs on Tuesdays, core on Wednesdays, and so on. If you’re not hurting and sweating by the end of your workout, it means you didn’t exercise hard enough. Go back to the mat and hit it harder!

Many of Jerry Rice’s colleagues that joined him in his training reported being sick before even finishing it. So that is the feeling that should come with this workout!

Jerry Rice Workout Plan


The workout is not everything. If you want to feel and look fit, you need to adjust your nutrition as well. Make sure to check with your doctor or nutritionist to ensure you are getting all the necessary nutrients.

As a general advice, skip refined sugars, pre-cooked supermarket meals, and sodas. And go all in with healthy fats, veggies, fruits, and a varied selection of meats. Drink plenty of water every day; even more when working out! 

If done correctly and steadily, the Jerry Rice workout will transform your body from an average human being to an Olympus being!

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