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Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise: Get the Best 6 Pack With These Tricks

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Follow a celebrity plan to show off your 6 pack!

Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise allowed him to build his body from slim to muscular in a short time. He was just a kid a few years back but he has shifted into a full grown man. This also means an increase in muscles. However, only being a man doesn’t mean you will have a 6 pack. It is with hard work and the right diet that you can get the best body.

As many specialists say: the 6 pack is built in the kitchen. If you too have an ectomorph body and struggle to build muscle, then this will definitely help you. Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise was created to be perfect for those that don’t have much time every day but still wish to be healthy. So let’s break it down for you!justin bieber's diet


Diet: Action Plan

First of all, you’ll need to make slight changes to your diet. It is essential not to skip any meal and to have plenty of water every day. Your body needs to stay hydrated. You will feel more energetic if you are hydrated.

The ideal meal plan consists of 6 small meals a day. Forget about the standard rules of big meals. You will eat 6 equal size portions of food a day. The amount should be smaller than a usual meal but bigger than a snack. Food must be nutrients packed. Avoid any junk or processed food.

Eat your grains, legumes, proteins, carbs, and tons of vitamins through veggies and fruits. Avoid juice unless it’s home made. Store bought juice does not contain the same nutrients and it’s usually packed with sugars. Also, avoid sugars in general, try to drink your coffee or tea without any sweeteners or sugars.

Justin Bieber’s Diet: Advanced Tips

Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise includes a lot of Green tea. Even though it doesn’t sound important, it actually is. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and it helps burn fat and prevent water retention.

And as opposed to this, avoid drinking any alcoholic beverage. It is alright to have one beer here or one wine there. But getting drunk or partying too much with alcohol will affect your diet and gains.

Justin Bieber’s Exercise: Hit the Next Level!

Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise wouldn’t work without the proper set of workouts. It will take some time for you to adapt and fully commit. But once you are in it, you will love it!

Turn your schedule around and make sure to leave space for a 40-60 minutes workout 5 times a week. Yes, you read it correctly, 5 times a week. Your workouts will not be too intense so you won’t need that much rest time.

Before you start your workout make sure to warm up and stretch to avoid injuries. You will need to do some cardio as it will help shed some fat. Most people can have very nicely sculpted abs but are covered by fat. By doing cardio you will be helping exposing your abs and other muscles.

“Justin Bieber workout routine based on Justin Bieber’s training videos, Instagram and available photos.”

During your workouts try to combine exercises like burpees, lunges, squats, kettle bell swings, and crunches. There are different variations of each. Once it starts feeling easy, make sure to add more weight to it so it gets difficult again. Do not overdo your training, and don’t spend more than 60 minutes working out every session.

Last Minute Tips

Justin Bieber’s diet and exercise will surely work for you, but remember to be patient. Changes take time to show. You need to create a routine and follow it steadily.

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