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About the Product
  • Touch Screen. Heart Rate Monitor. Tracks workouts, steps taken, distance you walk/run, burned calories, and sleep patterns. Easy Set-Up.
  • Includes Inactivity Reminder, Silent-vibrating Alarm, Find Phone feature & Anti-Lost Alert helps you locate cellphone within Bluetooth range. Snap a Still Photo on to your phone with a simple flip of the wrist.
  • Automatically syncs Time & Date, Multiple Alarms, and Exercise Stats with smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Device setup is through the Vertfit2.0 app on your phone. Works with Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 7.0 or higher, and iPads (choose “for iPhone only” when downloading from Apple Store). Does not work with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Low Energy Consuming OLED Display. Fast Charge (30-40 min) lasts up to 7 days, standby lasts more than 15 days.
  • Splash-proof (not for swimming), durable elegant rubber wristband with Tight Clasp. Comes with USB charger in a presentable white box. 1 year Limited Warranty.

To activate Sport Mode

  1. Press and hold the mode button. Under normal mode, long press the key for 2 seconds to enter the history of the sport mode, (the latest sports data). To switch between displays short-press the mode button.
  2. To record NEW sport data double, click the mode button (it will erase the old sport data from the tracker but NOT from app)
  3. To check the current sport activity press mode button and switch between displays.
  4. To get back to the normal mode long press the mode button (sport record will be saved until you remove it manually as described in step 2 above)

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BlueWeigh Touch HR Purple

A Healthy Life begins with a Healthy Heart.
BlueWeigh Touch HR Black trackers provide an easy and cost-effective way for you to monitor your heart, health, and exercise patterns. With multiple colorways and an interchangeable high stability watch-like band, you can match your tracker with any outfit! We guarantee you will love your new BlueWeigh Touch HR Purple tracker.
So why do you need a fitness activity tracker?
Well, exercise is tedious and time-consuming, and our lives are busy as is, so we all need some motivation and reminders to get out and stay fit. The more ways we can help each other be healthier and happier people, the better! And that is what BlueWeigh is here for! We are here to motivate all of you to get out and make the most of today! And it all begins with maintaining a healthy body and a healthy heart. Being able to see how your heart is doing is not only interesting, it is essential!
So why choose BlueWeigh Touch over other brands?
Because this tracker is much more affordable and highly accurate!
With a chic look, sleek touch screen, lightweight feel, and easy to use app, our Touch HR trackers have the same features as top competitors at less than half the price. They track workouts, active minutes, steps taken, burned calories, your heart rate during exercise and inactive time, distance traveled, and sleep patterns.
In addition, when you sync it with your phone, you can receive call, text, alarm, and social media alerts on your tracker. Never miss a thing!
Also, do you catch yourself sitting for long periods of time? Do not worry! The sedentary alert on the tracker will send you vibrations to remind you to get up and walk.
It has everything you could possibly want in a tracker!
We guarantee you will not only enjoy the BlueWeigh Touch HR Purple, it will make you enjoy yourself more! Buy the best activity tracker on the market with confidence!
Product Features:
Heart Rate Monitor Monitors your steps, distance. Calculates calories burned. Tracks sleep stages. Has “Multiple Alarm” feature which syncs with your phone. Find Phone” feature locates phone within Bluetooth range. Flip your wrist to take selfies or activate the smart watch. Has anti-lost alert if out of Bluetooth range. Has a comprehensive workout tracker.

Technical description of BlueWeigh Touch HR Purple

CPU: Nordic nRF51822
Sensor: kionix kx022-1020
Host Weight: 21g
Battery capacity: 55mAh
Data Sync: Bluetooth 4.0
Working Temperature: -10C to 45C (14F to 113F)
Waterproof: Not for swimming or diving
Standby time: 15 days & above
App support: IOS 7.1 and above , Android 4.4 and above
Technical Specifications:
  • Steps Calorie Distance Sports master,
  • Sleep monitor Incoming call reminder,
  • Silent vibrating alarm Sync data to iOS and Android devices (phone & tablet)
  • Built-in rechargeable li-ion polymer batterySpecifications:
  • Model Number: KPAG001PDM
  • Product Name: BLUEWEIGH wristband pedometer polar loop activity tracker .
  • Display: OLED Display.
  • Material :Host: PC, wrist strap: TPU, wrist strap buckle: aluminum alloy.
  • Charging way: Standard USB charging, support quick charge
  • Battery specification: 55 mAh polymer battery.
  • Sleep: Sleep monitoring.
  • Color: Black / Blue/ Purple/Orange/ Gray
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


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