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Be ready for the Summer with the Rihanna workout and diet!

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If you want to look like her you gotta work, work, work, work, work! But worry not, we’ve got all planned out for you with the Rihanna workout and diet!

This gorgeous queen of Barbados has one of the best bodies in the entertainment industries. And that is all thanks to her hard work and dedication. She works out 3-5 times a week and has 2 personal trainers. But you can reproduce Rihanna workout and diet at home with the tricks we have for you below!

So if you plan on enjoying the summer in a perfect bikini body, then this is the plan for you! Get your treadmill (or sidewalk!) ready, put some sports clothes on, and feel like in Barbados!

Rihanna workout


What to Eat?

In terms of nutrition, the Rihanna workout and diet is clear on several specific details. She basically eats mostly anything she wants, avoiding processed carbs and sugars. Otherwise, she is pretty open about food. However, every now and then she follows a 5-day cleanse, as mentioned in her Fabulous Magazine interview.

Before jumping into this part of the Rihanna workout and diet, make sure to check that it is okay for you to your physician. The 5-Factor diet she uses to cleanse follows these rules, each meal must include one of these:

  1. Protein (egg whites, lean meats, fish, poultry)
  2. Fiber (beans, whole-grain cereals, rice, fruits and veggies with skin)
  3. Complex Carbs (rice, lentils, vegetables, beans, potato)
  4. Healthy fats (vegetable oils, avocado, fish fats such as salmon, tuna, mackerels)
  5. Sugar-free drinks (water, coffee, tea)

So as an example, Rihanna workout and diet cleanse plan, she eats the following:

Rihanna has pineapple and egg whites for breakfast, together with hot lemon water. At lunch have fish, potatoes, and veggies. And for dinner more fish.

Rihanna Teaches Us To Dance!

Pon de Replay

Rihanna workout and diet plan is a lot about cardio. She does love dancing and running, and both are things that can be added to your routine!

On a normal week, Rihanna will work out 3 times; more if possible. She does not want to bulk, so she keeps the weightlifting to a minimum and focuses on cardio.

Rihanna has two trainers, so she can mix it up and not get bored! Even though she does not bulk, she does a little weightlifting every now and then, so don’t remove it fully from your fitness life!

The standard Rihanna workout and diet routine are the following:

  1. She warms up (5-10 minutes) using a treadmill, skipping, or jumping jacks.
  2. Lower Body (3 sets with no rest)
  3. Upper Body (same sets as above)
  4. Core (Abs, same sets as above)
  5. Cooldown

Stretching, pilates, and yoga are her favorites to cool down and tone at the same time. The perfect exercises will be those that cover your whole body and make you sweat.

rihanna workout


Relaxing Routine

Rihanna workout and diet include a relaxing routine. Her life is hectic, and so is probably yours!

So the same way she does, make sure to take some time off for yourself. You could add swimming, yoga, pilates, meditation… really anything that will make you relax and steam off some stress.

Now that you have a plan set out for you, there are no more excuses! Take the Rihanna workout and diet to get your body ready for summer! Being such an easy and nice plan, you will be able to add it to your routine!

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