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Shake it off with the Taylor Swift workout and diet!

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If you want to look as gorgeous and fit as her, get your leggings ready and follow the Taylor Swift workout and diet plan!

The beautifully lean blonde is definitely an example to follow when you want to get in shape. Even though her body structure is lean by nature, she does take good care of herself. If you plan on getting ready for summer, then you should definitely look at the Taylor Swift workout and diet.

Taylor follows very strict health rules and her schedule is definitely crazy. So if she can do it, so can you! Plus, her rules are not that difficult to add to a daily routine, so hold on your hats and enjoy!

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Phase 1: Nutrition

First of all, we all like to eat, and so does Taylor Swift! However, she does be careful and follow these rules:

  • Don’t starve yourself, the Taylor Swift workout and diet is definitely one where you eat 3-4 times a day.
  • Avoid any sugary drink like sodas and flavored coffee. Drink plenty of water and tea daily.
  • Save the cheat days for the weekend! Be really healthy during the week, and the give you a little cheat treat during the weekend. That way you won’t miss your favorite dishes!
  • Eat plenty of leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits. Top up with legumes, nuts, healthy fats, and some animal proteins. Avoid red meat when possible.
  • Store-bought fruit juices are full of added sugars and chemicals. But there’s one easy solution from the Taylor Swift workout and diet plan. Prepare your own fruit juices at home using fresh fruit!


Phase 2: Exercise

The Taylor Swift workout and diet schedule is all about cardio. Tay-tay surely loves her treadmill!

If you live in a nice location and can afford to run outside, it is even better!

Add 1 hour of running to your daily schedule. Get that body started onto sweating the fat off.

The Taylor Swift workout and diet will have you sweating in no time, and that means releasing unnecessary toxins. Make sure to add some light weightlifting, full body cardio, and yoga to your routine.

For weightlifting, focus on big muscles such as your legs. Do squats and lunges until your legs burn. For your arms focus on working your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and don’t forget your back!

For full body cardio, add some skipping, burpees, and lateral jumps. You will feel an overall improvement in your performance and stamina just after a few sessions.

Make sure not to work for the same muscle groups on consecutive days. That for, follow the basic Taylor Swift workout and diet schedule, which is:

  • Monday: Run for 1 hour, then work out your leg muscles, then add some yoga.
  • Tuesday: Run for 1 hour, then work out your upper body.
  • Wednesday: Run for 1 hour, then work out your core (abs), then add some yoga.
  • Thursday: Same as Monday.
  • Friday: Same as Tuesday, then add some yoga.



Phase 3: Fight the stress off

Taylor Swift workout and diet includes one very easy but important step: get your stress off!

Stress can cause multiple health issues as well as weight gain. It is reported that stress can cause cardiovascular disorders (heart issues), hair loss, sleep deprivation, and even blood pressure and diabetic issues.

So make sure to take some time for meditation, mindfulness, and yoga every other day. But try to aim to once a day, you’ll feel much better and more energized!

So now go get your Taylor Swift playlist ready, put on your favorite leggings, and shake it all off!

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