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Speed up your Routine with the Barry Sanders Workout!

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If you know someone that excels at something, then you have someone to look up to! Barry Sanders will always be remembered for his incredible running speed. He wasn’t the biggest player, but he was certainly the faster. And before retiring from the NFL he became one of the greatest running backs. If you want to be as fast as Barry Sanders workout like he did!

Speed is built on agility and strength, which are two opposites in terms of types of exercise. If you decide to take your fitness level up a notch, you won’t regret it.

For the Barry Sanders workout to have noticeable changes in your body and performance, you’ll need to commit! That for, make sure to schedule at least 5 workouts a week in your calendar. Either early in the morning before work or school or in the evening. Try to create a routine so that you will never skip a workout.

However, the Barry Sanders workout is not only about exercising, but also about nutrition. So stay put and check our suggestions below!

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One thing that keeps athletes apart from the rest is their commitment to a healthy life. And this means eating healthy, exercising and avoiding certain activities.

For the Barry Sanders workout to give you the best results, you will have to give up certain pleasures. Such as smoking, alcohol, refined sugars, and processed carbs. If you do this, you’re half-way there already!

Make sure to drink plenty of water every day, including herbal teas. Remove any sodas or coffee from your intake. Additionally, switch to a greener diet. This means that you should add leafy greens, veggies, and fruits to your nutrition. In terms of proteins, stick to eggs, fish, poultry, and reduce red meats to a minimum.

Don’t forget to add legumes and healthy fats to your diet! They will be the key keeping your energy up and kicking!

Barry Sanders workout


Barry Sanders Workout

Now, let’s get to the point!

He was famous because of his agility and speed, and that comes from intense training and years of experience. But to get you closer to his level, there a few steps to take.

First of all, use the warm up to start off your speed journey. Run 2-3km and then do short spurts of sprints for the next 1-1.5km (sprint 250m, then walk 100m, then repeat until done). You should be sweating by now, if not, repeat a couple of times.

Now, here comes what has been named the Barry Sanders workout. Legend tells that he was able to repeat this workout 13 times in a row without a break. But us mere humans can do our best even with only 4-5 repetitions:

  • 20 Squats
  • 10 (per leg) Alternate Lunges
  • 10 (per leg) Alternate Lunge Jumps
  • 20 Ice-Skaters
  • 20 Jump Squats

Take it to the next level

If you want to increase your agility and speed, make sure to also add other exercises apart from the standard Barry Sanders workout. That is adding skipping, burpees, and vertical jumps. Continue doing sprints before every workout to help your body warm up and get into the rhythm.

If you combine these exercises with the nutrition above, the Barry Sanders workout will do wonders for you! Be steady, create a routine, and don’t skip any workout. You’ll be amazed by how agile and fast you’ll feel after just a few weeks.

To make sure your body stays healthy and to prevent injuries, make sure to add stretching exercises at the end of each Barry Sanders workout you do.

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