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This thigh gap workout plan is a perfect choice!

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One of the biggest trends of 2015 and 2016 has been the search for the perfect thigh gap workout plan.

For those that have lived in a bubble, worry not, we’re here to explain what this is all about! The thigh gap is space between the inner thighs when women are standing upright. It is a beautiful shape of the female body than can be enhanced with just a few simple exercises.

But unfortunately not all workout plans are the same. Many out there do not deliver the desired results. So we have decided to show you the best one! After many trials and research, we found this to be the perfect thigh gap workout plan. If you’re constant and workout at least 3 times a week, you’ll see results in no time!

This thigh gap workout plan is made of a logical repetition of 6 exercises. These 6 exercises are divided in 2 types of squats, 2 types of lunges, and 2 floor leg exercises. Count the repetitions and try to do more each time as your body starts building the needed stamina.

thigh gap workout, PLIE SQUATS


We start thigh gap workout plan with PLIE SQUATS.

Unlike a normal squat, pile squats focus mostly in the inner thigh while also working your bum. This is the essence of any proper thigh gap workout plan. Two birds one stone! For this type of squat, think of ballerinas’ Plies. Set your feet outwards and set your legs shoulder width apart. Engage your core and do a squat.

Pro Tip

Add weight with a sandbag, kettle-bell or dumbbell, it will make it harder and more effective!

Image & VIDEO Source: How to do a Plie Squat




Lateral lunges are easier to handle than normal lunges and affect different muscle groups. For this special lunge, you will move one leg to the side and squat, having your other leg stretched out. Repeat the same amount of times on both sides.

Pro Tip

By adding weight you will make this exercise more intense and also add balance to the movement.

Image & VIDEO Source: How to do a Lateral Lunge



This may seem easy, and it essentially is, but it will burn your legs after a few repetitions. Set your mat on the floor, lay down and follow the instructions of the video below. Even if it seems unnecessary, it is actually one of the most important exercises of the Thigh Gap workout plan.

Pro Tip

The key to this exercise is repetition, do the most reps that you can every time!

Image & VIDEO Source: How to do an Inner Thigh Lift

Duck Squat


The duck squat may sound and look funny, but it will be hard to do! Unlike any other squat, for this one you will have to add an extra step to it. Set yourself in the Pile Squat position, go down and when you’re there, get on your tiptoes!

Pro Tip

Start off without weights and build your way up once you have mastered the movement.

Image & VIDEO Source: How to do a Duck Squat

Side Lunge to Curtsy


If you’re not a fan of lunges, don’t worry, because the curtsy lunge is special. The problem with normal lunges is that it creates a lot of tension on one leg, causing pain or knee problems for some users. However, the curtsy lunge aims to keep a balanced weight on both legs and it is easier on the muscles.

Pro Tip

Once you master the move, try to do your lateral and curtsy lunges together as one exercise!

Image & VIDEO Source: How to do a Curtsy Lunge

Image & VIDEO Source:  How to Transition from Lateral Lunge to Curtsy Lunge



The positive part about scissor kicks is that you will be able to control the intensity of the exercise. Additionally, it will also help you chisel those fantastic abs! Lay down on your back, put your hands to the side and take your legs up. Just a bit off the floor. Now start moving the legs as if you were swimming!

Pro Tip

The more you point your toes, the more effective the exercise will be!

Image & VIDEO Source: How to do Scissor Kicks

Get your leggings ready, you’ll be showing off your legs after this thigh gap workout plan!

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